Waterlase TM

Waterlase TM


YSGG technology uses a patented and unique combination of laser energy and water to

gently and precisely remove dental decay with no shot, no drill, and in most cases no



Heat and vibration are the causes of most pain associated with the dental drill. Since

cutting the tooth with Waterlase technology does not cause heat or vibration, most dental

procedures can be delivered with no pain, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia in

most cases.


With its unique technology, it enables us to treat sores in the mouth. Canker sores and cold

sores are very painful and last two weeks. Even with most of the new treatments, they still

last a week and can be painful for a number of days. The Waterlase treats the lesion and

removes the pain the same day. The lesion then heals in about four days.